Our Sector Today 001

World building and faction turns presented from the point of view of Samson Gregor. A mid level political talk show host working for The PRISM Network. In this episode we get an introduction to The Houses Major and Minor along with most of the other factions as Samson speculates about their positioning going into the contention for the Imperial throne.

6 thoughts on “Our Sector Today 001

  1. Welcomed Crossing,
    Mr. Gregor you should do more research before you do another political analysis, or any other news cast. House Pyxis does not contain the letter R. Maybe you should not consume too much Trill before a cast.
    Sincerely Void-Walker Pyxis Kymay Rayya

    (OOC: Good Stuff, I like to hear more.)

  2. I resent the notion of referring to the 14 Red Dogs Society as a “criminal organization”.
    I find this ridiculous and honestly a little bit racist.
    We are a hard working, well established charity organization.

    Im available for an interview if you wish to clear up some of these rumours.


    PR Manager.
    14 Red Dogs Society

    1. I am amenable to an interview. We at the Prism Network are open to input and clarification from all sides.

      S. Gregor

  3. Suggesting any House other than Crux for the Throne is heresy, I say! #Crux3200 #DamnedBeCygnus #KillTheSynths

    1. No house is preordained for the throne. The suggestion that Crux somehow is, is heresy. Save your fervor for hunting Synths, the houses together will chose the next emperor.

      S. Gregor

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